VG ANALYSIS 002: Croatian Legislative Process – Does it Really Affect Economic Development?

oreskovic25 April 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly, Issue 003

The statement given by Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic at the government session held on 21 April announces that 2016 will be a prolific and hard-working period for Croatian legislative drafters. In order to fulfil all of the objectives from the National Reform Program, over 200 laws will need to be adopted by the end of the year.

Based on what the government presented in its plans, laws should be structured towards launching reforms and boosting the investment cycle. Taking into account that the national legislative plans for 2016 have proposed the ratification of less laws, it will be interesting to monitor whether the government is (or is not) following its own legislative procedures and plan.

Obligation to Include Public and Private Sectors in Policy Making 

For several years now the Government Office for Legislation (GOL) has struggled to regularly incorporate legislative procedural changes according to the European Commission (EC) Impact Assessment Guidelines. The Regulatory Impact Assessment Act was adopted in 2011, followed by all additional by-laws required to put the procedures into action. The main idea behind the process is to create simple, understandable, flexible and quality legislation as the basis for…

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