TOURISM: Turkish Dogus Group Acquires Zadar-based Tankerkomerc

Shareholders of the Zadar based Tankerkomerc, a Croatian company active in trade, tourism and services sectors, including ownership of a marina in Zadar and shipping servcices, decided  to reduce the company’s share capital by  €7.8 million, which should partially cover €14.9 million in losses , and accept a bid for recapitalisation by Dogus Hotels Sibenik, a local subsidiary of the Turkish industrial conglomerate Dogus Group, valued at €14.3 million.

As a result, Dogus obtained ownership and the operational control over Tankerkomerc, thus consolidating its market presence in Croatia. The Turkish company owns Croatia’s first 5 Anchor marina, Mandalina Marina in Sibenik, and in 2012 it acquired 100% of the shares of Marina Dalmatia and Marina Borik,  both near the town of Zadar, from Croatian businessman Zdenko Zrilic; they are also minority shareholders of the dominate state-owned ACI Marina group…

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