“The Development and Importance of Lobbying for Efficiently Creating Public Policy”

On 24 February 2013, in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Natko Vlahovic, Owner and Managing Director of Vlahovic Group and General Secretary of the Croatian Society of Lobbyists, held a presentation on lobbying in the region – “The Development and Importance of Lobbying for Efficiently Creating Public Policy – Croatia’s Experience.”  The one day seminar was organized by the Republika Srpska Chamber of Commerce in Banja Luka.  The seminar was opened by the chamber’s Director, Ms. Dragica Ristić and also included a presentation by the chamber titled, “Developing the Process of Representing the Interests of Business.”

The chamber provided a Mr. Vlahovic and his associate Damir Vucić, Vlahovic Group Senior Strategic Advisor, an opportunity to meet privately before the seminar with Ms. Ristic and Ms. Dušanka Tegeltija, Assistant Minister of Trade and Tourism, Republika Srpska, Bosnia-Herzegovina.  This meeting was a unique and open venue to discuss the development of professional lobbying in southeast Europe, advancing business development and economic prosperity.  Ms. Tegeltija and Ms. Ristić presented the numerous advantages and openness that Banja Luka provides to investors, including international investors from Croatia.  Along with the Sarajevo Chamber of Commerce, where Mr. Vlahovic also held a presentation in December 2012, Vlahovic Group will continue to maintain the cordial and business-friendly relations with the Banja Luka Chamber of Commerce.

The seminar was attended by numerous representatives from chambers of commerce in Bosnia-Herzegovina (e.g. Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Tuzla), businesses, and high-level Bosnia-Herzegovina government officials.

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