Slovakian JOJ Media House to Take Over Novi List,Glas Istre and Zadarski List

JOJ-Media-House_o11 July 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 14

The AZTN invited all interested parties to submit the opinion regarding the concentration between the undertakings JOJ Media House, registered in Cyprus, and Croatian Novi List, Glas Istre, and Zadarski List. The Slovakian JOJ Media House’s core business is the provision of advertising and marketing services with a focus on TV advertising, TV programs production, and radio transmission; JOJ Media House is part of the Slovak Investment J&T Finance Group, who has also acquired VABA Bank and Coning Engineering in Varazdin. The deadline for the submission of opinions and remarks is 11 July. In April 2016, the JOJ Media House announced that they had taken over 59% of shares in Glas Istra company, 80% of shares in Novi List company, and 100% of shares in Zadarski List.

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