Through our work so far we have learned that having a Brussels presence is critical to any company wanting to do business abroad and make their case at EU level. In today’s competitive environment, you need a team with the creativity and flexibility to position your project with national and EU officials and Members of Parliament in a way that not only warrants, but also attracts government support.

For that reason, Vlahovic Group has assembled a team, led by Filip Lugovic, to advise our clients with developing and implementing advocacy campaigns in Brussels.

Vlahovic Group provides strategic input, monitoring of crucial developments and assistance with key decision-maker engagement. We focus on issues and projects related to Southeast Europe. Our typical toolbox for Brussels representation starts with detailed stakeholder mapping, intel gathering, identifying key partners and building thoughtful alliances.

Brussels office contact:

filipFilip Lugovic
Director, Brussels Affairs
T: +32 494 15 01 57