Sabor Confirms New Centre-Right Croatian Government

Hrvatski saborLPJ Issue 165, 25 January 2016

On 22 January, the Sabor (i.e. the parliament) approved the new centreright Croatian government, led by experienced corporate manager and new Prime Minister (PM) Tihomir Oreskovic, with 83 votes “for”, 61 “against” and 5 abstained (at least 76 votes are required for a majority). Additionally, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), the Bridge of Independent Lists (MOST), and the Bandic Milan 365 Party signed a “Cooperation Agreement in the Reform Government” during the Sabor session.

Along with MOST and HDZ MPs, the new government received support from Bandic Milan 365 (2 votes), HDSSB (2), MP Radimir Cacic, former HRID member and new Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) MP Gordana Rusak, and 4 national minority MPs. MOST MPs Ivan Lovrinovic, Juro Martinovic and Ivica Misic refused to support the government, likely leaving the MOST platform to form their own parliamentary caucus. Lovrinovic accused the new government of abandoning economic reforms, specifically monetary reform that he aggressively proposes.

The Sabor also appointed new parliamentary committees and Vice-Presidents (VP): Ante Sanader (HDZ), Ivan Tepes (HSP Ante Starcevic) and Robert Podolnjak (MOST). The other two vacant VP positions will be elected when the opposition proposes their candidates. Damir Sesvecan (HDZ) was appointed Sabor Secretary…

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