Ruling Coalition Council to Agree on New Deputy Ministers & Assistants This Week

Ivan Kovacic (MOST), Cooperation Council CoordinatorLPJ Issue 167, 8 February 2016

Last week, the recently-established Cooperation Council between the Croatian Democratic Union-led Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge of Independent Lists (MOST) started holding meetings on appointing new deputy ministers and assistants; the council is a consultative body between the ruling coalition partners.

The council is expected to play an important part in facilitating the work of the new government and is presently focused on reaching consensus on personnel for governmental and public company positions.

The Cooperation Council was established on 22 January, when the Sabor confirmed the centre-right government led by PM Tihomir Oreskovic (see LPJ 165). Essentially, its role is to monitor and coordinate the implementation of the reform agreement signed between the Patriotic Coalition, MOST and the Bandic Milan 365 party, resolve potential disagreements, and propose candidates for the positions in the executive government (deputy ministers, assistant ministers and other officials)…

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