RENEWABLES: HEP Seeks Partners in Wind Power Development

State-owned Croatian Electra (HEP) invited existing wind power developers to express their interest in jointly developing new projects, since Croatia aims to increase diversity in its energy production and reduce reliance on imports, especially in the area of renewable energy. HEP, which currently imports more than a third of its electricity, wants to become self-sufficient by 2017 by investing more than €3.5 billion in power generation technologies.

The company declared that only wind power projects holders that are listed by the grid operator company owned by HEP (HEP-OPS) are eligible to express their interest in future partnerships by 7 August. Last week, a 42 MW wind farm was opened in Trilj, in southern Dalmatia. The investor is the company Ostra Stina, from Zagreb, and the investment is valued at €65 million…

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