RAILWAYS: Romanian Feroviara’s Bid Frontrunner for Acquisition of HZ Cargo

Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Sinisa Hajdas Doncic (SDP) has publicly stated that the government has received three binding offers for the acquisition of 75% of the state-owned Croatian Railway Cargo (HZ Cargo) shares. The bidders are Czech AWT, Romanian Feroviara (Grampet Group), and Austrian Rail Cargo Austria.

Doncic said Feroviara’s bid is the only one that meets all tender requirements. The requirements are that the investor takes over state guarantees issued by the Ministry of Finance for HZ Cargo, amounting to approximately €79 million, pays a lump sum between €27 and €29 million to the state budget, and injects €29 million of fresh capital into HZ Cargo. The bidding process will be finished by 15 August, added Doncic.  Given that the tender is still being processed and a final decision is still pending, Doncic’s comments are a concern…

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