Dubrovnik Cruise Terminal Project Back to Square One

Dubrovnik-Port-Cruise-Ships1 August 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 17

On 20 July, the Administrative Council of the Dubrovnik Port Authority terminated the preliminary concession contract for the Gruz Port project in Dubrovnik. In particular, the proposed plan to construct a new cruise terminal over 25,096 m2 at the Dubrovnik port was scrapped. The contract was automatically annulled after the July 14 finalisation (i.e. contract details) deadline expired. The future of the new terminal now hangs in the balance until a new government is formed, which is expected at the end of the year.

    The Dubrovnik cruise port is rated a must-see ‘marquee port’ cruise port with around 600 calls a year. It is ranked 10th in the world and third in the Mediterranean in cruise turnaround numbers. In 2015, the port serviced over 1 million passengers. There are about 500 cruise ship berthings each year. All major cruise companies are scheduled to visit Dubrovnik, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise, P&O Cruise, Costa Cruise, Norwegian Cruise, MSC Cruise, et al. The port authority launched a concession tender for the Gruz Port in 2014, and, in 2015, awarded a 40-year concession to the only pre-qualified bidder, Dubrovnik International Cruise Port Investment (DICPI), which is jointly-owned by Turkish Global Port Holdings (GPH) and Bouygues Batiment International, part of the French construction giant. The pre-concession contract was signed in February 2016…

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