To Reshuffle or Not to Reshuffle? Croatian Government on Verge of Collapse

vlada13 June 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 010

The on-going political crisis has reached its final stages, and its outcome will deter­mine whether the centre-right ruling coalition govern­ment will undergo a reshuffle or col­lapse, thus forcing snap parliamentary elections.

The largest party in the government, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), is trying to collect enough parliamentary seats (76) to achieve a parliamentary reshuffle and thus form a new ruling coalition. Their main coalition partner, The Bridge of Indepen­dent Lists (MOST) led by Deputy Prime Min­ister (PM) Bozo Petrov, has stayed firmly by its decision to sup­port Prime Minister (PM) Tihomir Oreskovic and would vote for a possible no-confidence vote in the Sabor against First Deputy PM and HDZ President Tomislav Kamarko, due to alleged conflict of interest accusations (see VG IW issue 009). The opposition centre-left Social Democratic Party (SDP) initiated the vote against Karamarko, due to take place no later than 18 June; they are also in the process of collecting MP signatures to gain majority support to completely disband the present Sabor. The Sabor Commission for Conflicts of Interest is scheduled to decide on Karamarko’s case on 15 June…

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