PM Oreskovic at European Council: Joint Action to Tackle Migrants Crisis

PM Tihomir OreskovicLPJ Issue 169, 22 February 2016

PM Tihomir Oreskovic participated in the meeting of the European Council on 17-18 February in Bruxelles, which focused on two main issues, namely, a new settlement for the United Kingdom (UK) in the EU and tackling the migrant crisis. Commenting on the latter, he stated: „What matters to us is that we work together, because it’s not only the Balkan or Central European problem, but the whole Europe’s problem, which we must solve together.“

Oreskovic met with President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, President of the European Commission (EC), Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, and heads of states of the Visegrad Group (Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland).

On the margins of the European Council meeting, Oreskovic also met UK PM David Cameron, with whom he talked about the possibilities of strengthening economic cooperation. They agreed that it was necessary to introduce more mutual official visits. “It is in the interest of both Croatia and the EU that the UK stays in the EU”, he stated.

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