Croatian Employers Urge Next Government to Expedite Reform Process


okrugli stol-HUP

source: Jutarnji list

29 August 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 19

In cooperation with Hanza Media, the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP) held working discussions with representatives of the political parties that will partake in the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held on 11 September. On 17 August, the HUP announced that they had sent seven questions (i.e. “the HUP 7”), related to priority economic issues in Croatia, to the political parties and coalitions. Only the party Pametno (“Smart”) has sent their answers to the HUP.

Their inquiries are related to the following areas: (1) public administration reform, (2) fiscal consolidation, (3) removing administrative and other barriers to investment, (4) relieving the tax and non-tax burden (e.g. para-fiscal levies) on the business sector, (5) improving judicial efficiency and quality of legal regulations, (6) increasing the efficiency of state-owned companies and utilisation of state assets, and, (7) modernisation of the education system and labour market reform, especially in the area of youth employment…

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