MOVERS & SHAKERS: Milan Bandic, President, Bandic Milan 365

180px-Dan_OSRH_Milan_Bandic_28052011_25 September 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 20

Milan Bandic, Mayor of Zagreb and President of the Bandic Milan 365 (BM 365) – Labour and Solidarity Party, is promoting himself as the prime-ministerial candidate of his Coalition for the Prime Minister (PM). The chances of him actually becoming the next PM are slim to none and is more of a publicity stunt.  Nevertheless, Bandic hopes to win enough seats in the Parliament (Sabor) to become a deciding factor in forming the next government. The coalition consists of the aforementioned BM 365, the People’s Party – Reformists (led by former Economy Minister Radimir Cacic), the New Wave – Development Party, the Croatian Peasant Party Stjepan Radic (HSS SR) and the pensioners’ party BUZ.

While presenting their electoral platform, Bandic said the five priorities in Croatia were supporting “know-how” and competence, appreciating work, supporting the family and a demographic revival, upholding solidarity and unity. He underlined that “Croatia needed a government that would work, a PM who would serve the citizens…who will watch over every corner of Croatia as I do in Zagreb, 16 hours a day, 365 days a year.”…

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