MOVERS & SHAKERS: Ivica Relkovic, Unofficial Advisor, Bridge of Independent Lists (MOST)

Hrast_Ivica_Relkovic_0111 August 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 17

The MOST is a relatively new political alliance of independent politicians, academics, and professionals; they promote themselves through promoting their few prominent local mayors of small cities or municipalities (i.e. Petrov, Metkovic; Panenic, Tompojevci; Kovacic, Omis). They were the surprise of the November 2015 parliamentary elections, winning 19 parliamentary seats, thus becoming the “kingmaker” of the subsequent government formed with the HDZ-led Patriotic Coalition. However, the lack of party homogeneity, political experience and expertise necessary to carry out the proclaimed reforms was evident during their short time in office, resulting in the party’s fragmentation, whereby they were left with 10 MPs staying strong on the platform. Nevertheless, according to recent polls, their appeal to the general public has remained relatively strong. Ivica Relkovic is considered to be the ‘founding father’ of MOST’s unorthodox political platform.

Born in 1964,  Relkovic holds a degree in Philosophy and Comparative Literature from the Zagreb University. He was Acting Director of the Catholic radio station Radio Marija, and was a columnist for the Catholic Weekly. Relkovic was the founder of conservative parties Obiteljska Stranka (Family Party), Glas Roditelja za Djecu (GROZD) and, together with Zeljka Markic and Ladislav Ilicic, Hrvatski Rast (HRAST). He was the MOST’s consultant for campaign management and political marketing in its formative stages. He was briefly Petrov’s special advisor in the incumbent government (March-May 2016).

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