MOST and Patriotic Coalition Agree on Government Cabinet Ministries

cover163LPJ Issue 163, 11 January 2016

Upon securing a majority of seats in the Sabor (i.e. 78), the Bridge of Independent Lists (MOST) and the centre-right Patriotic Coalition, led by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), are conducting talks on the formation of the next Croatian government. Meanwhile, in addition to ministerial candidates, the PM-designate, a non-partisan and experienced corporate manager, Tihomir Oreskovic, has commenced talks with cabinet ministers from the previous government and other prominent national experts, preparing for the efficient and quick transfer of power.

Following Oreskovic’s appointment as PM-designate (23 December), the Sabor held its inaugural session on 28 December. Zeljko Reiner (HDZ) was elected as Sabor President (see LPJ Influence), which was a prerequisite for constituting the 8th Sabor session.

Regarding the Patriotic Coalition – MOST negotiations, although HDZ President Tomislav Karamarko and MOST leader Bozo Petrov have not revealed many details, it was confirmed that both will be appointed Deputy Prime Ministers of the next government, along with Branko Hrg (Croatian Peasants’ Party, HSS) and possibly Ivan Lovrinovic (MOST). Local media claim the two sides have agreed on the principle, if one side is appointed to a ministerial position, then the other will name that ministry’s Deputy Minister. Nikola Gromja, MOST’s spokesperson, announced that they had agreed that MOST will be responsible for the following ministries: Internal Affairs (i.e. Police), Justice, Public Administration, Economy, Agriculture, and Environmental Protection…

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