Minister Tolusic Announces Simpler EU-Funding Procedures

Tomislav Tolusic, Ministry of Regional Development and EU FundsLPJ Issue 174, 29 March 2016

On 22 March, Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds, Tomislav Tolusic (HDZ), announced the introduction of significantly shorter procedures for the withdrawal of money from EU funds, adding that his greatest expectations are related to tenders for entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs will no longer be required to enclose a letter of intent from a bank or provide a deposit. The number of steps in the decision-making process will be reduced, as well as the duration of the processing of applications, from 180 to 90 days in the first phase, and later to 60 days”, he stated. He explained that, in the past two months, a lot has been done to simplify the procedures. In particular, seven bureaucratic steps have been reduced to five, and might be reduced to three.

Tolusic said he was expecting 200 tenders this year, while last year there were 50, and that he was hoping entrepreneurs could withdraw nearly €66.3 million from EU funds this year, as opposed to €7.5 million granted in 2015. He stressed that the Ministry had 1,736 projects with building permits, worth between €2.5 and €3 billion.

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