LPJ INTERVIEW: Steve Rank, Senior Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade Commission

Steve Rank, AustradeLPJ Issue 154, 26 October 2015

1.Could you tell our readers a little bit more about the Australian Trade Commission?

The Australian Trade Commission is the Australian government’s trade, investment and education promotion agency. Fundamentally, we are there to assist Australian businesses and organisations do business overseas, and attract productive foreign direct investment to Australia.

2.As part of your trip to Croatia, you plan to visit Zagreb, Split and the Biograd Boat Show. What opportunities will you be discussing with your Croatian hosts?

Basically, the visit is really to have a discussion about expanding bilateral trade and investment ties between Australia and Croatia. We focused on a couple of key industry sectors in which we think there are good opportunities, such as the energy sector, the tourism sector, the education sector. Regarding education, this does not mean just Croatian students travelling to Australia, but also to look at exchange programmes in Croatian institutions, as well as looking at R&D collaborations; particularly, with Croatia’s accession to the EU, there are opportunities to access R&D funds such as Horizon2020…

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