LAWS TO WATCH: Water Management Financing Act

Tihomir Jakovina, ministar poljoprivredeLPJ Issue 155, 2 November 2015

According to the proposed amendments, due to the large reduction (46%) of water levels in the water system, the legislation delays the final accounting water usage payments to end-users, according to water reservoir levels, from 1 January 2016 to 1 January 2017.

In the meantime, water usage payments will be based upon water levels delivered to the end user. The legislation introduces the integration of income for water usage and the water protection fee, such that this revenue will be used to co-finance EU projects.

Local or regional governments have been responsible for the financing of the construction of irrigation systems. G given that these resources have proved insufficient for the implementation of projects under the National Project of Irrigation and Land and Water Management, the legislative changes also allows for financing of such projects from water fees. The legislation also provides for water management fees and water contributions to finance the construction and maintenance of buildings for detailed amelioration drainage. This means that the responsibility for these activities is, hence, transferred from the local level to the state, i.e. the Croatian Waters Authority, Hrvatske vode.

Proposed by: Ministry of Agriculture

Note: Since the Sabor is dissolved, the government changed the legislation directly through a state regulation

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