LAWS TO WATCH: State Aid Act

24 February 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 73

The government sent amendments to the State Aid Act to the Sabor, under which the competencies of the Croatian Competition Agency (AZTN), regarding state aid rules, will be transferred to the Ministry of Finance.

Following Croatia’s accession to the EU (1 July 2013), the AZTN lost certain jurisdiction over the approval and supervision of state aid.  Precisely, the regulation of state aid was transferred to the European Commission (EC).

The proposed amendments will expedite the entire process, since they will abolish the shared competencies between the AZTN and Ministry of Finance, in relation to state aid rules.

The proposed legislation provides for the establishment of a unified state aid register, to be administered by the Ministry of Finance.  The AZTN’s personnel who were dealing with matters of state aid will be transferred under the auspices of the Finance ministry.

Note: The legislation was sent to the Sabor urgent procedure…

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