Government Amends Public Procurement Act

nabava13 June 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 010

The govern­ment proposed a significant number of amendments to the Public Procurement Act, in order to transpose relevant EU Directives in the public procurement area. The sole criterion for the public pro­curement process will be the most eco­nomically advantageous tender, thus the criterion of lowest price does not apply anymore. In order to reduce the admin­istrative burden, the government intro­duces the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), and links the registers related to public bodies (e.g. courts, tax administration, etc.) to the Electronic Public Procurement Classifieds (EOJN), thus encouraging e-procurement. The new procedure, called the “Innovation Partnership”, will enable public procurers to select partners on a competitive basis and have them develop an innovative solution tailored to their requirements. The single 10-day deadline for appeal will be introduced for all procedures…

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