LAWS TO WATCH: Political Financing, Elections and Referendum Act

Arsen BaukLPJ Issue 133, 18 May 2015

The act prescribes that the total value of donations to political parties, Presidential candidates and local election candidates to be limited to €4,000 per year. Also, the maximum donation by legal entities (i.e. businesses) to a political party and/or Presidential candidate is limited to €26,600 per year and €4,000 per year to local election candidates.

The maximum total expenditure per candidate or list of candidates may not exceed more than €1.6 million for Presidential elections, €199,500 per constituency for parliamentary elections, €532,000 for European Parliament elections and between €133,000 and €6,600 in local elections, depending on the size of the local government. The act prescribes financing regulations for referendum initiatives. The total value of donations by individuals for national and local referendums is limited to €4,000. The total value of donations by legal entities for national referendums is limited to €13,300 and €4,000 for local referendums.

The maximum total expenditure for the organisation of a national referendum is limited to €532,000 and between €133,000 and €6,600 for local referendums, depending on the size of the local government. The act prohibits NGOs from donating to election (campaigns) and referendums. With the entry into force of this Act, the present Financing Political Activities and Election Campaigns Act is terminated.

Proposed by: Ministry of Public Administration

Note: The legislation passed first Sabor reading

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