LAWS TO WATCH: Land Consolidation Act

jakovina22 April 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 81

The proposed legislation envisages the consolidation of agricultural land in such a way so that the participants of the proceedings would be offered alternative agricultural land of the same size/quality, or financial compensation.  The bill provides for the creation of a multi-annual land consolidation programme to be adopted by the Sabor.  The annual programmes would be enacted by the government.  The Agricultural Land Agency will be responsible for creating conceptual designs for cadastral municipalities.

Land consolidation activities will be decentralised and conducted by the respective county land consolidation commission, which delivers the first instance decision.  The appeals will be processed by the State Land Consolidation Commission.

According to the estimates made by the Ministry of Agriculture, there are approximately 300,000 acres of small agricultural land plots that could undergo land consolidation in Croatia.  The last consolidation was carried out in 1991, while the last amendments to the Land Consolidation Act were adopted by the communist government in 1987.

Note: Public debate is open until 14 May…

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