LAWS TO WATCH: High-speed Electronic Communication Networks Act

Hajdaš DoncicLPJ Issue 130, April 27 2015

The act implements the Directive 2014/61/EU, which will facilitate the fulfilment Europe 2020 Strategy objectives. The strategy plans for every citizen to have internet access with a minimum speed of 30 Mbit/s by 2020, and that at least 50% of households have access to internet speeds of at least 100 mbit/s.

The legislation introduces the obligation to provide access to the existing infrastructure suitable for setting up Next Generation Access Networks (NGA); this infrastructure includes electricity, gas and water supply networks, sewerage and drainage systems, heating and transportation networks, etc. The legislation also defines in which cases access to existing infrastructure can be denied.

The legislation introduces a unique information point that will publish the planned construction works, in order to avoid the overlap of construction works. It also intends to accelerate the procedural facilitation of issuing NGA licences.  New buildings will be required to be equipped with an access point and infrastructure compatible for NGA access.

Proposed by: Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport, and Infrastructure

Note: Public debate is open until 21 May

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