LAWS TO WATCH: Genetically Modified Organisms Act

Dario Nakic, Minister of Health (HDZ)VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 001, April 11 2016

The proposed amendments align the current legislation on genetically modified organisms (GMO) with the EU Directive 2001/18/Z, with amendments on the deliberate release of GMO into the environment were adopted in March 2015.

These amendments give Member States autonomy in deciding on whether to ban or restrict the cultivation of GMOs on their territory, allowing them to request an exemption. The amendments define the rights and obligations of the competent central state administration bodies and provide a clearer division of responsibilities related to the implementation of official controls in this area.

The legislation also states that GMO reproductive plant material is allowed to be introduced in the environment for a purpose other than placing on the market (known as test fields) only on surfaces approved by the central government body responsible for the protection of nature with the approval of authorities responsible for agriculture and science.

The manner of applying for an exemption from the cultivation of GMOs, as well as any decision regarding bans and restrictions, will be regulated through a future government decision.

Proposed by: Ministry of Health

Note: Legislation sent to urgent Sabor procedure

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