LAWS TO WATCH: Forestry Act

17 February 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 72

The government sent amendments to the Forestry Act to the Sabor.  The amendments regulate the possibility of constructing golf courses, camps, sport and recreational facilities, which a zoning plan envisages in forestry land, without those areas being included in the building areas and remaining in the state forestry area.

After obtaining a prior opinion from the Ministry of Agriculture, local governments can adopt a zoning plan by which forestry land are declared as building sites.  After the zoning plan enters into effect, the sites will be separated from Croatia’s forestry belt and transferred to the auspices of the State Property Management Administration (DUUDI).

A special account will be established to which the proceeds from the use of forestry fees will be transferred.  Presently, the above fees are a source of revenue of the state-owned Croatian Forests (HS).  Agriculture Minister will adopt a bylaw regulating the conditions and terms of use of these revenues.

Note: The legislation was sent to the Sabor urgent procedure…

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