LAWS TO WATCH: Energy Efficiency Act

borak19 May 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 85

The proposed legislation names the Centre for Monitoring Business Activities in the Energy Sector and Investments (CEI) as the national coordinating body for energy efficiency.  CEI will be responsible for informing consumers and all interested parties on energy efficiency investment opportunities, available state subsidies, sources of financing and other important information on the energy efficiency market in Croatia.

The legislation requires the drafting of a 3-year National Energy Efficiency Action Plan and a long-term strategy to support investments in the modernisation of public buildings.  The legislation also requires all local and county governments to develop their own energy efficiency action plans, including a yearly action plan.

Energy distributors are obliged to include energy savings programs in their investment projects.  The level of savings will be determined by the act’s subsequent by-laws.  If the distributor does not abide by the levels of energy savings, they will be required to pay into the national Fond for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency.

At the request of consumers, energy providers are required to provide a detailed account of their energy consumption history (e.g. electricity, heating, natural gas) and at least on a yearly basis.
Large companies are required to develop an energy overview every four years, as of 5 December 2015. Regarding the public procurement of energy, the public procurer is required to take into account energy efficiency as a factor in their decision-making process.

Note: Public debate open until 31 May 2014…

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