LAWS TO WATCH: Energy Efficiency Act

ivan_vrdoljak_VladaRH_62520 October 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 105

According to the proposed amendments, the act will comply with the EU Directive 2012/27/EC on the energy efficiency. The act allows the contracting energy services in the private and public sector, using the ESCO model (Energy Service Company). The Agency for Transactions and Mediation in Immovable Properties (APN) will be authorised for the implementation of energy services and public procurement for public buildings.

It obligates large enterprises to implement an energy audit every 4 years. The public sector is required to maintain and reconstruct public lighting, in order to reduce energy consumption and light pollution. The act specifies the conditions for energy services contracting and the implementation of energy renovation in residential buildings. Decision-making will require a majority vote of the building’s co-owners, as opposed to the present condition of consensus all co-owners.

In July, the European Commission initiated an infringement procedure against Croatia and other 23 countries, because of the delay in transposing EU energy efficiency directives into national legislation.

Proposed by: Ministry of Economy

Note: The legislation was ratified by the Sabor…

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