LAWS TO WATCH: Electronic Communications Act

10 February 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 71

According to the proposed amendments, the Rail Market Regulatory Agency (ARTZU) will come under the auspices of the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM).  As a result, a unique national regulatory body will be set up for the regulation of the electronic communications market, postal services market and railway services market.  The new agency will be named the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries, but for clarity it will retain the current abbreviation ‘HAKOM’.

Participants in the railway services market will now have to pay fees to the new agency for performing regulatory activities, based on the same principle whereby participants in the postal services market and electronic communications market have to pay fees for the agency’s services in their sectors.

The amendments provide for the establishment of a fund for the development of network industries to which the agency will pay the surplus revenue from its annual budget. Subsequently, the funds will be used to support the development of electronic communications networks and services, particularly broadband market services, as well as the development of postal services in Croatia.

Note: Public debate is open until 20 February…

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