LAWS TO WATCH: Croatian Sabor Elections Act

Peda16 February 2015, LPJ Croatia Issue 120

According to the proposed amendments, individuals who are serving or pending the execution of a prison sentence and convicted for serious crimes (murder, corruption) will be prohibited from candidacy for parliamentary election, until the full expiration of their sentence (including probation period).

The act introduces limited preferential voting. Voters can mark only one candidate on the list that they prefer over other candidates. Therefore, the preferential votes will only be considered and tabulated accordingly if they total at least 10% of the total number of votes received by the electoral list.

Electoral lists are required to gather their 1,500 signatures of support to qualify for the elections from each electoral district. Lists are required to fulfil the so-called women’s quota, meaning that at least 40% of candidates on the list are required to be female; otherwise, the list will be considered invalid.

Proposed by: SDP caucus

Note: The Sabor enacted the legislation. Opposition parties, except for ORaH, abstained from voting

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