Vlaho Orepić modifiedLPJ Issue 175, 4 April 2016

The suggested amendments modify the definition of a seasonal employee as someone who’s duration of stay is based on an activity that depends on changes of the seasons, where 6 months is the maximum duration of stay. The new legislation also prohibits attempts to assist an alien (i.e. foreign national) in the illegal crossing of the Croatian border and simplifies the process of visa application for dependents and family members, allowing the visa application for dependents to be submitted to the police department. Amendments expand the categories of aliens who are considered dependents, which now includes registered life partners, informal life partners and their minor adopted children.

Additionally, dependents are no longer required to provide proof of financial ability. A legal condition has been added requiring those applying for permanent residence to have housing. Permanent residency applicants no longer have to take a test proving their knowledge of the Croatian culture and social order at a police department, but can do so in an educational institution.

For aliens coming from the European Economic Area (EEA), expiration of documents is no longer a reason for expulsion and the continuity of residence can be proved by any available evidence. The suggested amendments, in accordance with the EU Acquis, ensure a variety of rights of third country aliens that are being deported and defines the deportation procedure.

Proposed by: Ministry of Interior (Police)

Note: Public debate is opened until April 22

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