LAWS TO WATCH: 2016 State Budget

MarićLPJ Issue 173, 21 March 2016

The amendments to the 2016 State Budget propose a redistribution of €4.2 million. The budget for the Ministry of Finance has been reduced by €2.2 million. Funds were taken from following line items: religious communities support (€1.3 million), border crossings (€660,000), the management system of public finance in the administration and capital projects (€800,000), and customs and tax system equipment (€130,000).

There is a redistribution of €1.3 million in the area of capital investments in primary education and higher education within the financial plan of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports; these funds are re-allocated to the student transportation subsidies section. Another amendment allocates €80,000 from the Office of the Former President Stjepan Mesic towards civilians who have sustained injuries during the war, drastically reducing the budget of the office.

The amendments do not change the total amount of funds planned in the 2016 State Budget.

Proposed by: Ministry of Finance / MOST caucus

Note: Legislation sent to urgent Sabor procedure

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