Josip Leko, New President of the Sabor (Parliament)

After the death of Boris Sprem (SDP), former President of the Sabor, Josip Leko was unanimously (123 votes) elected as the new Sabor President.  Previously, Leko was the Deputy President of the Sabor.  After assuming his role as President, Leko stated, “I see my role as the captain of a ship and my task is that all passengers achieve their interests in order for the ship to reach its destination of a better life for all citizens.  From you, my colleagues, I expect assistance, tolerance, and consensus of positions, not for me, but for the public interest.” Leko was born in 1948 in Plavno, Vojvodina, Serbia and raised near Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia-Herzegovina.  He has a law degree from the Zagreb University.  In the 1970s and 1980s, he was a young attorney for the socialist city administration offices of Zagreb.  From 1989-1991, he was the Deputy General Manager of Zagrepcanka.  Due to his close relationship to former Prime Minister Ivica Racan, he is a founding member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP).   From 1991-2000, he was the SDP business manager.  In 2008, he was named the President of the General Committee of the SDP.  He has been a Sabor MP since 2000.  Since 2011, he was the Deputy President of the Sabor. Leko is considered to be a calm, level-headed and highly educated expert in the field of parliamentary procedure.  His calm demeanour should serve him well in the often “heated” political debates within the Sabor; this calm approach has shown to be an advantage during his chairmanship of the Sabor sessions, whereby he skilfully controls opposition MPs.

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