Ivica Mudrinic, New President of the Croatian Employers Association (HUP)

Ivica Mudrinic, Croatian Telecom (HT) CEO, was once again elected as HUP President, a position he once held in 2003/2004. After a turbulent few years in the management of HUP, Mudrinic’s election has been very well received and welcomed internally within HUP and externally throughout the business and political community. His election is considered to be a stabilizing factor for HUP and is a logical move, considering that Mudrinic has always been an active business figure in Croatia, promoting the need for structural economic reforms and the promotion of free-market principles. During a time of economic recession, it is important that the HUP leadership is free of any business and financial difficulties, especially given HUP’s advocacy agenda towards the Croatian Government; Mudrinic has never been the subject of corruption allegations and his previous high-level political career is considered to be an assett. His willingness to take over the leadership of HUP can also be viewed as a first step in becoming more active on the national political/economic scene.

After returning to Croatia from Toronto, Canada to support Croatia’s struggles for independence, in 1992, Mudrinic was the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transportation and Communication. In 1994, he was the President of the National Telecommunications Council. In 1996, he became the CEO of Croatian Radio-Television (HRT). Since 15 October 1998, he took over as the GM of Croatian Post and Telecommunications. After the beginning of the privatisation process of Croatian Telecom, whose majority shares were eventually acquired by Deutsche Telekom, Croatian Telecom (HT) was separated into a new company and Mudrinic was named the Chairman of the Management Board on 1 January 1999, which he holds to this day.

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