High Administrative Court Dismisses HNB Lawsuit against AZTN

Mladen Cerovac, Council President, AZTN LPJ Issue 151, 5 October 2015

The High Administrative Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Croatian National Bank (HNB) against the decision made by the AZTN (see LPJ 77). In March 2014, the AZTN suspended the process of determining the abuse of dominant position against the Zagrebacka Bank (ZABA), since legal grounds for its continuation no longer existed.

According to the HNB, the ZABA abused its dominant position by charging for overdue loans reminders to credit debtors, co-debtors and guarantors. The court found that the HNB had no standing to file the lawsuit in that administrative dispute.

On the date of Croatia’s accession to the EU (1 July 2013), the HNB gave the matter to the AZTN, since the Competition Act required that the AZTN take over all the proceedings related to competition protection in the banking and financial services market.

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