HAKOM: Special Tariff Services Abuses Discovered

Dražen Lučić, HAKOMLPJ Issue 155, 2 November 2015

During an inspection of the operators, Terrakom and IT Jedan, the HAKOM discovered an abuse of geographic numbers, which were used by these operators for the provision of special tariff services.

These two operators have ported between each other, without authorisation, a significant number of assigned numbers and then concluded a contract with a third operator allowing that operator to use geographic numbers, that is, numbers with city codes for cities in Croatia, to provide special tariff services that may be provided only with specially designated numbers (e.g. 060 and similar numbers).

The inspection was carried out on the basis of reports of other operators that noticed an unusual number of international calls from those numbers, particularly from non-EU countries. The disputed numbers were allegedly used for the provision of tourist information.

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