HAKOM Accepts Vipnet Bid for Remaining RF Spectrum

Dražen Lučić, HAKOMLPJ Issue 158, 23 November 201

The HAKOM accepted the sole bid submitted by VIPnet Ltd at the public auction for the remaining radio frequency (RF) spectrum in the mobile telecommunications network. The band includes 15.6 MHz of unallocated frequencies.

Vipnet offered a total of €18.5 million for two frequency blocks, specifically €7.2 million for frequency block A (2×3 MHz), and €11.3 million for frequency block B (2×4.8 MHz). The payment into the state budget will be completed by the end of the year. The granted license is technologically neutral, meaning that Vipnet is free to use any existing technology allowed for mobile communications (i.e. GSM or LTE).

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