GOVERNMENT: Water Projects Multi-annual Programmes

Tihomir Jakovina2, ministar poljoprivredeLPJ Issue 153, 19 October 2015

The government adopted multi-annual programmes, which are determined according to individual projects, and their corresponding implementation periods, implementation participants, investment and financing sources for the construction of water facilities for flood protection, irrigation, water and waste water utility projects.

Approximately €1 billion will be invested into flood protection projects by 2022, with a significant portion of this amount to be provided from EU Funds.

The Cohesion Fund makes €150 million available for flood protection for the 2014-2020 period, while the Rural development programme has €100 million available for irrigation projects. Water supply and waste water utility projects will be provided with €3.7 billion in financing by 2023, with 70-85% to be financed from EU Funds.

Proposed by: Ministry of Agriculture

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