GOVERNMENT: Resolution for Zagreb on the River Sava Project

Alen Leveric, zamjenik min.gosp.LPJ Issue 145, 24 August 2015

The government adopted a resolution that amends the decision on establishing a programme for the protection, development and use of the Sava River and hinterland from the Slovenian border to the City of Sisak.

The amendments prescribe that the authorised company for the project is the company Sava Programme Ltd., replacing Croatia Electra (HEP) – The Development of Multi-purpose Real Estate Projects Ltd., who changed their corporate name to Sava Programme in 2014.

The company is obligated to prepare a feasibility study, strategic environmental impact study and preliminary design by 1 August 2016, which will be the basis to adopt a project programme. The project consists of the five components: energy, groundwater replenishment; flood defence, urban regeneration and transport. The total estimated value is €1.2 billion.

Proposed by: Ministry of Economy

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