Government Plans to Reduce Parafiscal Charges by €43.7M

OreskovicLPJ Issue 173, 21 March 2016

“We will reduce unnecessary regulation and legal framework restrictions affecting business. The government has also decided to reduce parafiscal charges, while the non-tax burden will be reduced by 0.1% of GDP, or €43.7 million”, announced Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, at the “Business Climate in Croatia – Opportunity or Challenge?” conference, organised by the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) on 16 March. Speaking of the judicial system in Croatia, he said that the government would unburden judges of non-judicial activities, shorten the duration of court proceedings and reduce the number of pending court cases.

Moreover, the government intends to come up with a solution regarding the disorderly land registries. “This is only part of the measures that will free up space for the economy and a new economic boom after years of crisis”, he concluded. President of the HGK, Luka Burilovic, stated that permanent legislative changes, as well as legal and tax uncertainty, represent the biggest burden on Croatia’s businessmen, adding that the government has their full support in implementing reforms.

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