GOVERNMENT: Official Documents Central Catalogue Regulation

Arsen Bauk, Public Administration MinisterLPJ Issue 158, 23 November 2015

The Central Catalogue is a publicly available online tool that allows users continuous access to official documents. The Central Catalogue is managed and maintained by the Government Digital Information and Documentation Office. The regulation defines additional functions and the public disclosure policies of the catalogue, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Public authorities are obliged to electronically submit the following documents to the catalogue: acts and by-laws, annual plans, programmes, strategies, instructions, activity reports, financial reports, guidelines, newsletters, official positions, professional background/analysis, promotional documents and translations of official documents of the EU and international organisations; the documents must be submitted within 5 days of their preparation and publication on the Internet. The catalogue processes the collected documents by priority and is publicly published on their official website.

Proposed by: Ministry of Public Administration

Note: Ordinance was published in Official Gazette (124/15)

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