GOVERNMENT: National Programme for Broadband Infrastructure Development

doncic-225 August 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 97

The Programme defines the development of infrastructure for broadband Internet access in areas where there is insufficient commercial interest (i.e. rural and mountainous areas, islands). The Programme is aimed at building a national  broadband infrastructure and connect the public administration to the Next Generation Access Networks (NGA).  The program includes state aid which will need approval from the European Commission. Legitimate areas of incentives for NGAs comprises mostly „gray areas“ where the only available network is the Croatian Telecom (HT) operator.

The responsible body for the programme’s implementation will be the state-owned company OiV and will be carried out according to the DBO (design, build, operate) model. The OiV infrastructure will be leased to all operators in the market under the same wholesale terms.

Note: Public debate open until 30 September 2014…

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