GOVERNMENT: Implements Reform Measures for Public Administration Improvement

AlibegovicLPJ Issue 170, 29 February 2016

The government’s decision is based on the 2015 National Reform Program (see LPJ 130), which aims to correct public sector weaknesses. The decision entails the formation of three commissions:

(1) Public Administration Modernization Commission, headed by Minister of Public Administration Alibegovic; (2) Public Administration Human Resources Development Commission, headed by Minister of Labour and Pension System Sikic; (3) Public Administration Informatization Commission, headed by Croatian Academic and Research Network’s CEO Zvonimir Stanic.

The key goals of the established commissions are the proposal of an action plan that will define activities and deadlines for the achievement of defined objectives, and reporting to the Prime Minister on the implementation of this decision. The government will adopt the submitted action plans by the end of March.

Proposed by: Ministry of Public Administration

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