GOVERNMENT: European Professional Card Regulation

Mirando Mrsic, min.radaLPJ Issue 154, 26 October 2015

The regulation prescribes the issuance of the European Professional Card (EPC), which is issued to expedite the provision of services and allows for the use of professional services on a temporary and periodic basis on the territory of EU member states.

The procedure for issuing the EPC card replaces the process of recognition of foreign professional qualifications. The EPC card is issued for one or more EU member states, i.e. does not apply automatically to all member states. The regulation stipulates the competent authorities for issuing the EPC card and managing Internal Market Information System (IMI) dossiers of people who request EPC cards. The competent authority for the professions of nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists is the Ministry of Health; for the profession of real estate agents, the competent authority is the Ministry of Economy.

The request for the issuance of the EPC cards shall be submitted electronically. EPC cards are valid for 18 months from the date of issue and, after the deadline, the competent authority may extend the card for another 18 months.

Proposed by: Ministry of Labour and Pension System

Note: Public debate is open until 4 November

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