varga6 October 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 103

According to the national plan, the average length of hospitalisation will be reduced by 10-40 % by the end of 2016.  Simultaneously, the rate of acute hospital treatment is planned to drop by 10%, and the average occupied hospital beds to reach 85%, thanks to an additional increase in the number of outpatient services, day hospitals and day surgery by at least 10%.

In 2015, the plan is to  procure at least 60% of medical supplies and devices through a central procurement system.

The Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) will be financially separated from the state budget, which is to be completed through a 10 month transitional period. Hospitals will no longer have financial limits, but will be paid according to services provided.
Functional integration will be implemented among 21 hospitals corresponding to the four existing health regions, while 10 hospitals will be exempt from the integration programme.

In June, the national hospital master-plan prepared by the previous Minister of Health Rajko Ostojic was adopted by the government, but was withdrawn from the Sabor procedure.

Proposed by: Ministry of Health

Note: Public debate is open until 22 October 2014…

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