Government Issues List for Reducing/Abolishing Non-Tax Tariffs

Hina1 August 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 17

During its cabinet session, the government adopted a decision on the list of non-tax tariffs that are to be either significantly decreased or abolished in 2016 and 2017. The estimated value of the non-taxed tariffs that are to be reduced/abolished amounts to €33 million, with approximately €20.7 million representing savings to the business sector. The reduced non-tax tariffs include the obligatory membership fee for Croatian Chamber of Economy’s (HGK) and Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HOK) current members, while start-ups and new entrepreneurs will be exempt from the membership fee during the first year of the company’s establishment. Also, the membership fee for tourist boards will be significantly reduced. The fee for opening and managing accounts in the Union registry (i.e. the EU emissions trading system database) will be abolished…

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