GOVERNMENT DECISION: Electricity Tariff System for Renewable Energy Sources

The government adopted the Tariff System for Production of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources and Cogeneration for 2014.

Under the new tariff system, companies will have to install equipment acquired from Croatia-based suppliers in their production facilities. Also, companies will not be permitted to install used equipment and the equipment whose date of manufacture surpassed two years.

The tariff system raises the quota for solar power by an additional 12 MW; specifically, two 5MW for integrated solar power plants, 5MW for non-integrated solar power plants, and 2MW for solar power plants located on surfaces of state-owned buildings, which have a capacity of up to 300kW.
Regarding biomass power plants, the minimum total annual efficiency is reduced from 50% to 40%, through a 10% decrease of the incentive price for plants with a minimum efficiency of 40%. Plants which have an efficiency of over 50% will gain an additional 20% on the incentive price.

The right to an incentive price is also granted for projects that involve the restoration of existing hydropower plants older than 25 years…

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