GOVERNMENT: Bans New Public Sector Employment

predsjednik_vlade_republike_hrvatske_zoran_milanovic29 September 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 102

The government decided to ban new employment of civil servants. In cases of retirement or termination of employment, the position will be filled by reallocation among existing employees.

This prohibition does not apply to the recruitment of civil servants who are required to meet the obligations undertaken towards the EU and participating in the management, implementation and auditing of EU funds.

A second decision prohibits the employment of technical support staff – cleaning, food preparation, washing and ironing, security, transport and maintenance. In cases of vacancies due to retirement or employment contract terminations, the duties will be redistributed among existing employees. In cases where this is not possible, the performance of duties will be entrusted to external service providers.

Presently 26,500 persons are employed in these positions, and, with this decision, the government has given up on the announced “outsourcing” whereby these services would be transferred to the private sector as subcontractors…

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