Government and Parliament Set the Stage for Tax Reform Implementation

sabor_vlada16-1910165 December 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 33

During the third Government cabinet session, held on 10 November, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric (HDZ) proposed amendments and drafts of 15 different acts related to the comprehensive tax reform implementation (see VGIW 30). The legislative package was sent to the Sabor procedure for the first reading session, which was concluded on 17 November 2017. The legislation was then returned to the Government, who is the initiator of the amendments, to prepare the final version of the acts, and send it to the Sabor for the second reading session, after which the acts will be finally adopted. Therefore, at the cabinet session held on 28 November 2016, the Government presented the final drafts of 16 acts (the initial package of 15 acts was expanded with amendments to the Local Governments Financing Act) related to different taxes (VAT, income tax, profit tax, excise duties, etc.) and sent the package to the Sabor. The new amendments are minor and do not change the substance of the initially proposed amendments. On 2 December, the Government held a telephone session, adopting the new amendments to the following Acts: Income Tax Act, Tax Administration Act, Local Tax Act, Motor Vehicles Special Tax Act, and Tax Consultancy Act…

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