Government Adopts Action Plan for Public Administration Development Strategy 2017-2020

vlada33-27101619 December 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 35

During the last cabinet session, the Government adopted the Action Plan for Implementing the Public Administration Development Strategy 2017-2020. The plan is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the public administration, simplifying rules and expediting public administration work, expanding of e-Services for citizens and entrepreneurs, connecting all public administration bodies and establishing a unique mode of communication between citizens and the public administration. The Government’s policy will be focused on the following three specific objectives/priorities: (1) efficient public administration, (2) de-politicisation and efficient management of human resources within the public administration, and (3) public services digitisation. Total funds required for implementation of the action plan amounts to €116 million, with more than 85% to be provided by EU funds. The Government Coordination for Justice and Public Administration is authorised for the implementation of the strategy, and the Ministry of Public Administration will be authorised for operational management. By the end of 2016, the Government will appoint working groups for each of the priorities set out in the action plan, which will consist of representatives of certain Ministries, and other bodies important for the implementation of reform activities…

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